Mall Pet Patrol: Saving Pets Left in Hot Cars

  The Mic Mac Mall in Nova Scotia has launched a pet patrol to try to stop people from leaving animals inside cars on hot days, and rescue the ones who are. While mall security has always monitored the lot, the newly formed pet patrol formed after an incident last month when police smashed a […]

The Global Faith Community and Our Planet

On July 5th, per Reuters, Pope Francis called for more respect for nature, branding the destruction of South America’s rain forests and other forms of environmental exploitation a sin of modern times. In an address at the university of Molise, an agricultural and industrial region in southern Italy, Francis said the Earth should be allowed […]


Look What This 11-year-old Invented to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

It’s so easy to make that Andrew Pelham of Nasvhille calls his invention the “EZ Baby Saver,” and he hopes that it’ll help parents remember that they’ve left their children (and perhaps pets?) in the back seat. The EZ Baby Saver, which won second place in the The Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors, is […]

Request by Grieving Father to Redditors Generates Compassionate Action

Redditor Steffel07 (Nathen Steffel) posted a heartbreaking request to Reddit on June 13, 2014: My daughter recently passed away after a long battle in the children’s hospital. Since she was in the hospital her whole life we were never able to get a photo without all of the tubes. Can someone remove the tubes from […]


Gifting His 50-Year-Old Business to Staff

  What do you do when you’re 84 and own Canada’s most beautiful bookstore? And one that is thriving — no mean feat these days. Sell it? You could. Close it? You could do that, too. But if you’re Jim Munro, who for 50 years has run Munro’s Books in Victoria, B. C., you do […]

Tesla Motors on a Mission to Hire American Veterans

      Tesla Motors, which is on a mission to bring electric cars to the masses, now has another goal — to become a leading employer of America’s military veterans. “We want to be known throughout the veteran community as a great place to work,” Arnnon Geshuri, Tesla’s vice president of human resources, said […]


Win-Win: Pairing Brazilian Teens with US Elders

    So many beautiful things can happen with creative projects like this. Its not only about learning to speak English or alleviating loneliness. It also bridges the age gap, creates intercultural connection and is a positive experience for the development of young minds. All the time we spend looking to the future has made […]

Student Pallbearers Serve the Underprivileged

  This is one of the most touching programs I’ve ever heard of: The Saint Joseph of Arimathea Pallbearer Ministry This school is in Cleveland, Ohio. We need something like this everywhere. Please check out their website for more information about this service offered by student pallbearers. Per their website: The Saint Joseph of Arimathea […]


High School Cross Country Team Shows True Sportsmanship

Streator Township High School Cross Country athlete, Jacob Chalkey, was nearing the finish line in a four-team meet Thursday afternoon when he felt a seizure coming on. Slowing to a stop, he sat and waited for the debilitating episode to pass. Since birth, Chalkey, 18, has had a rare neurological condition which causes dramatic seizures […]

4000 CDs Donated to Hospital for Music Therapy

  What can a guy do with 4,000 CDs? Help someone heal, says music therapist Gemma Isaac. That’s what happened Tuesday when a former national music buyer for the now-defunct retailer A&B Sound, Vancouver’s Brian Thompson, packed up his massive collection spanning 23 years of music from 1990 and sent it to Vancouver General Hospital where Isaac will […]


Advances in Solar Toward Printable Plastic Sheets

    Read complete article loaded with details at Motherboard.   Our most promising visions of a clean-powered future typically position cheap, abundant solar energy as an important cornerstone. And solar panels would be a lot cheaper and abundant if they were made out of plastic instead of silicon—that way, they could be ‘printed’ in a flexible material and easily applied […]

Ecos PowerCube: Multi-Purpose Good

  Ecosphere Technologies, based in Stuart, Florida, has revealed their most recent invention, which combines many forms of GOOD in one unit: shipping containers, off-the-grid solar power, communication systems, and clean drinking water generation.   With their new Ecos PowerCube, the company makes rapid deployment of these units easy by all modes of travel. According to […]

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A Letter All Students Should Receive

| July 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

A letter which accompanied test results to young students in Lancashire, England is making the rounds online. Headteacher, Rachel Tomlinson, admits that the letter itself is not original, as she found it online six months ago. Maybe we’ll find the original in order to give kudos to the author? If we do, I’ll update this […]

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Young Boy’s Free Piano Concert Rocks

| July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

  Dylan Spoering is 8 years old and wanted to give a free concert in his Minneapolis neighborhood, from his front porch. He put a simple sign in his yard announcing his concert. Then a complete stranger took it to a new level. With the permission of Dylan’s parents, this kind stranger — Thomas Rehbein […]

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Bikers Against Child Abuse

| July 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

  Bearcat clearly remembers his first “level two.” A child had been sexually abused by his varsity wrestling coach and family members of the accused were trying to intimidate the victim against testifying. Before Bearcat and the other motorcycle riders — all clad in leather — showed up, the young victim hadn’t slept for days […]

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Ice Cream Citations!

| July 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

  Apex North Carolina’s Police Department is cracking down on kids who are practicing bicycle/skateboard/scooter safety! Per their Facebook page: “This young lady was issued a citation today. Yes, I said a citation! She was issued a citation for wearing her bike helmet and riding safely! What does her ticket get her???? A FREE ice […]

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GOOD Update on Raju, the Rescued Elephant

| July 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

RAJU, the elephant, stole the world’s heart over this last week as  footage of the male elephant went viral after he was released from the captivity in Uttar Pradesh in India. For 50 years Raju the elephant was held in chains, beaten and abused — a pitiful sight with his legs bleeding from spiked shackles and living […]

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Eric’s Journey with a Gifted Lottery Ticket

| July 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

  Editor’s Note: I’m sharing the sequence of events that occurred, starting when YouTube prankster/magician, MagicofRahat, met the man we now know as Eric. I wish all of the references to this story online would include Eric’s name, rather than simply “homeless man,” but let’s try to not get distracted by that or the fears […]

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