Eric’s Journey with a Gifted Lottery Ticket

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Editor’s Note: I’m sharing the sequence of events that occurred, starting when YouTube prankster/magician, MagicofRahat, met the man we now know as Eric. I wish all of the references to this story online would include Eric’s name, rather than simply “homeless man,” but let’s try to not get distracted by that or the fears of exploitation as some have expressed with stories like this. I agree that some “feel-good” stories are exploitative, but in this case it doesn’t appear to be at all. So let’s focus on the GOOD within this story. It evolves beyond the first encounter detailed in the first video. I would love to learn more of Eric’s story one day.

Whenever stories like this are shared here at Community Good or other Our Good-related sites, please know that we wish such stories of generosity weren’t necessary; homelessness is a growing crisis around the world, not only in the US. One of the Our Good projects is the Find Help|Find Good Directory, where we will be adding national and local (and eventually global) resources for persons in or facing homelessness, along with many other resources.



YOUTUBE PRANKSTER, MAGICOFRAHAT, MEETS ERIC, a beautiful, generous soul himself.









To learn more about homelessness in the United States, a great starting point for information and resources concerning homelessness is the National Coalition for the Homeless.



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